Wellness. We Love You.

Wellness, you've heard the word...a million times and in a million different ways. We have always believed that fitness, health and overall wellness is critical for our mental wellbeing (and the physical benefits aren't so bad either). We are sharing with you our favorite products & fitness classes, from the comfort of your own home to the BARN in the Hamptons....we've tried them all! 

image: @hickies via @ headstandsandheels

image: @hickies via @headstandsandheels

Fitness is physical. Something you need to do, try and be an active participant in....right! Our favorites at the moment include our Peloton, anything outdoors and the fan favorite SoulCycle. Being a full time #Girlboss does not allow for a ton of free time to escape that far for our fitness routine but we rely heavily on our Peloton bike & app. The Peloton bike has thousands of rides on demand so we can ride anytime of the day (or night) and in addition to the bike they go beyond the ride too with Yoga, Weights, Strength & Stretch! When we can escape the office we venture out for Tennis, Running (fav local race) and SoulCycle at the BARN!

image: @outdoorvoices via @offthegridgirl

image: @outdoorvoices via @offthegridgirl

Athleisure is what we are all about. So let's talk about it, it's what we wear when not pounding the pavement and personally we would wear it all the time if we could! Our favorites include: 

  • Outdoor Voices, amazing compression, unique color combinations and something for everything (even dog walking!)

  • ASICS, the best for running! Super supportive and they even have millennial pink!!!

  • Allbirds, what we wear every day!

  • HICKIES, laces untied...NOPE not here! We are crushing on the newest exclusive color PALE PINK!

  • & last but not least SoulCycle SWAG

Even though these are our favorites we are always looking to find the latest & greatest! Stay tuned as we continue to share our favorites in food, skincare, brands, fitness & fun stuff!